Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just 2 Weeks to go....

and we're still getting so much support from the scrapbook community...Many thanks to Rusty Pickle and Rhonna Farrer, our latest donors!!

Leah Fung also emailed me this week to tell me Making Memories has 2 awesome baskets put together to donate - not to mention the supplies for her make-n-take!! (thank you!!)

I'm also still getting great donations from our community businesses! Jewelry store gift cards, Sports Chalet gift certificate, Chipotle even wants to do something for everyone!

More updates soon...

PS--to register, go to

**we are asking each participant to raise an additional $100.00 on your own - but this is just suggested, not required. However, the person who brings in the most donations will get a $500.00 gift card to Collective Journey Scrapbook Store!